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Promote your products close to your premises with
a safe and effective pavement sign.


New -Great range of Door Signs


Desk Top Name Plates


Desk top name plates engender personal pride and corporate identity from discreet to dynamic - we have the right product for you.



Aluminium Signs


Desk Top Name Plates

  Toblerone desk top sign 

Product code DT20030
Desk top sign " Heidi " - double sided
Length 200mm x 30mm high
Silver anodised finish
Inserts can be sold separately
Magnetic option also available
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"A" Frame Moulded Plastic Name Plates

White plastic base with printed overlay - cost effective

Code DTC20040
Length 200mm Height 40mm
Your choice of text and standard colour background

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Code DTC37065 - "A" Frame moulded plastic name plate
Length 330mm Height 65mm
Your choice of text and standard colour background
Other sizes available to suit your business


Acrylic Desk Top Sign           


Code DTF37560

Size 375mm long x 60mm this triple sided smart acrylic desk top sign has machine polished edges and text of your choice

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Acrylic Nameplate


Code DTF15050

150mm long and 50mm high acrylic nameplate.

Silver on black with polished edges. Black text as standard, other text colours available.

Available single or double sided.
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Changeable Message Desk Sign


Code TCS -Silver anodised desk top name plates with non glare lens.
Quick and easy to insert or change your message using a suction cup.
Different sizes available
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Reception sign or Name Plate

Small name plate - Code DT30038ST
Length 300mm x 38mm - suitable for one line of text, - also available in white or black finish

Large name plate - Code DT30077ST
Length 300mm x 77mm - also available in white finish

Silver anodised aluminium desk top stand available in other finishes
Your choice of text in standard colour
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Double sided desk top stands

Code DTT59777G Gold finish
Code DTT50768S Silver finish

150mm long by 35mm high double sided desk stands with easy to change inserts
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Single sided desk top stands







Code DTT50755S
180mm long x 25mm high these ultra slim single sided desk stands are available with a silver finish, supplied with or without  easy to change inserts. Order on-line today



Desk Nameplate

Code DTW37035
Slatz aluminium desk top sign
Black, white or silver options  
Your choice of text


Wooden desk top  signs

Code DTM20045M
Maple desk top toblerone
Length 200mm x 45mm x 45mm
Your choice of text
Black toblerone option code DTM20045B also available Order on-line today

Toblerone desk top sign - code DTM20045B Order on-line today


Engraved name plate

Code DTM20045ENG Name plate / toblerone
Brushed gold finish engraving laminate on solid wood toblerone.
Length 200mm x 45mm x 45mm
Other sizes available
Your choice of text  Order on-line today


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