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Suppliers of high grade signs and advertising material
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Promote your products close to your premises with
a safe and effective pavement sign.

Traffic sign posts



New -Great range of door and desk top signs

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Unveiling Curtains
for hire, Freestanding kits also available
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Commemorative and Memorial plaques


Identity Signs

The signs by your main entrance will tell your visitors (and competitors) more about you than almost anything else.


We work closely with you to create an image and finished product that will reflect your ethos and aspirations.


Rigid plastic, aluminium composites, aluminium extrusions and powder coated steel are just some of the materials we work with. Attention is given to durability and potential malicious damage.



Opening Plaques

Great selection of plaques available in acrylic, brushed aluminium, stainless steel, printed , brass Wooden plaques and zinc.

Acrylic Plaques


Clear acrylic plaque

Contemporary and affordable acrylic,
5mm thick with machine polished edges
Stand off fixings if required, available in chrome or satin finish.
Size to your specification
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Brushed Aluminium Plaques

Smart and affordable, brushed aluminium plaque with logo, choice of light oak or dark mahogany backing plinth if required. Size shown A4, A3 and other sizes available.
A minimum of 2 weeks notice is required to produce a plaque. Order on-line today






Clear acrylic plaque with brushed aluminium




A3 engraved brushed aluminium plaque bonded to a clear acrylic panel.
Contemporary style, set off by machine polished edges on the acrylic mount and satin stand-off fixings.
This plaque could alternatively be mounted on a solid hardwood backing plinth, instead of acrylic.
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Stainless Steel Plaque

Engraved stainless steel plaque, the ultimate smart, classic plaque. Can be mounted on light oak or dark mahogany backing plinth if required. Order on-line today 








Printed Plaques





Printed brushed aluminium plaques.

This cost effective option looks great !
Fast turnaround subject to artwork .
Can be mounted onto a backing plinth if required
No unsightly fixings - decorative screw heads show when screwed to a backing plinth, or can be bonded into place.
Maintenance - just an occasional soft cloth needed.
These printed plaques are intended for indoor use out of direct sunlight.
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Brass plaques


For that traditional look for your office or business,  engraved brass plaques available with logos if required. This one is size A3 with a dark mahogany backing plinth, but A4 and other sizes are available, with or without a backing plinth. Order on - line today



















Wooden Plaque

Engraved solid hardwood plaque, this one is dark mahogany infilled with gold lettering . Also available in light oak , infilled with colour of your choice. Order on-line today














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Zinc Plaques


 Lettering is polished zinc and backgrounds are coloured - more information on zinc plaques


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 Solid wood backing plinths available - moulded edges
   Light oak or dark mahogany
   To suit A5, A4, A3 and A2 size plaques - these can be sold separately .
   Don't forget we have unveiling curtains and Freestanding kits  available for hire  - ideal for your ceremony.





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